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Volunteer of the month goes to... Zeno!!!

Zeno is 5 years old and is the youngest “muscle man” of the team.

A familiar face at FRSK on Saturdays, he would try his best to join his grandma whenever his grandma volunteered in our distributions.

He has made many friends at FRSK and they will always run and embrace each other when they meet on Saturdays. He likes to follow FRSK Junior Team Lead - Joesiah and they always tag team to carry out their tasks which they take seriously.

We have watched him grow over the years and we know he always give his best in whatever tasks he was assigned to.

Foĺlow us on his food rescue journey and let us watch how he will grow up to be a fine young man.

Thank you Zeno (and his grandma) for the selfless efforts. All of us at FRSK loves you deeply.

#frsk #foodrescuesengkang #zerowaste #loveallserveall #foodrescue #teamwork #volunteer #thankful #TowardsZeroWaste #feedthepeoplenotthebins #superhero

cui mengxing
Magdalene 🥐
Joann Chin
14 בפבר׳ 2023

Well done, little FRSK hero!



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