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This group is for rescued food sharing in Singapore. Do exercise your own judgment when consuming. By joining this group, you agree that the Organisers and Food Donors are not liable for any health issues arising from your consumption of the food supplied

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What do you do with so much food?
Answer: We sort them and pass them on to whomever needs them
Question:  I do not live in Sengkang, can I still come and collect?
Question: Can i just come and collect the rescued Food?
Answer: We welcome anyone and everyone on our distribution day as long as after they have collected the rescued food they do not resell.
Question: How would I know when and where is the distribution?
Answer: Details are updated via our Telegram Channel.
Question: What do you do with the leftovers?
Answer: There are hardly leftovers as we work closely with elderly homes, shelters,soup kitchen, welfare organisation etc. so we ensure the food is channeled to the correct places.
Question: Do I have to pay to collect?
Answer: NO, everything we distribute is all free.
Question: Can I collect for my friends and neighbours?
Answer: We allow each person/ household to collect 1 bag/ 1 trolley during distribution and you are welcome to share your load with anyone.
Question: Can I collect more than 1 bag/ 1 trolley as I have a big household?
Answer: This is on a case by case basis, speak with the Admin/ IC for the distribution and arrangement can be made.
Question: Can i send my helper to collect on my behalf?
Answer: No, we do not allow helper to come and collect alone without their employer presence.
Question:  What do I need to bring?
Answer: Your own bag/trolley/many plastic bags.
Question: How do I contribute financially to your cause?
Answer: Our bank details: Derek Ong, UOB A/C No: 347-370648-0.
Question: I want to join as a Volunteer, how do I go about?
Answer: Pls sign up here.
Please also note that only 1 person per household is allowed to collect and we do not encourage bringing your entire family living in the same household for collection.

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