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18th March 2023

Project Bandung Soy Milk.

It was a busy busy day at Thanggam Hub for FRSK today. We were all busy with the allocation of the Bandung Soy Milk to the various organisations and our own pasar distributions the whole afternoon.

We have over 20 organisations coming forward to bring this delicious drink to their beneficiaries island-wide and this major operations could only have been a success with the help from everyone.

We are blessed that our Thanggam Hub is big enough to allow this project to be successfully executed. This credit goes to no other than our MP Mr. Gan Thiam Poh who believed strongly in sustainability that allow us to make things possible.

We love this delicious Bandung Soy Milk from Yeo's - Yeo Hiap Seng and this healthier choice drink is an ideal choice for our Muslim friends to break fast during the forthcoming Ramadan.

Try it for yourself and we are sure you will love the drink as much as we do.

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