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Janet Lee
Janet Lee

22nd July 2023.

It was an eventful day at FRSK as we almost ran short of fresh produce for distribution today.

We only had approximately 5 tonnes of fresh produce today and it was insufficient for our distribution.

We cancelled some satellite points and called and checked around if more vegetables were available. Our calls were finally answered.

Blessed, thankful and grateful for whoever was/is looking out for us, another 4 pallets of beautiful vegetables became available for us to rescue in the mid afternoon and we rushed to collect them before our distribution starts.

We had nothing but faith today that we were able to pull through. The power of the universe is amazing and we are thankful for being able to share our blessings with others.

#frsk #feedthepeoplenotthebins #uglyfood #foodrescuesengkang #foodrescue #teamwork #zerowaste #loveallserveall #frskcares #awesomefrsk #TowardsZeroWaste

#thankful #blessed

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