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FRSK under the sky chat

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Watch Team FRSK in this video. We are all here as ONE!

FRSK has come a long way, we are featured by MIndef as part of Total Defence for food security.

We may not be a registered charity but that doesn't stop us from doing what we can while we can.

Our volunteers believe in the value and importance of food and this brings us together as one team for the better good of humanity and Singapore.

Thank you Mindef for the feature.

#awesomefrsk #feedthepeoplenotthebins #foodrescuesengkang #LoveAllServeAll #TowardsZeroWaste #frsk #FoodRescue #thankful #WasteNot

The Tommys
Lim Kriste


Welcome to the FRSK under the sky group! You can connect wit...


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