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18th Feb 2023.

FRSK Thanggam Hub.

We have very little fresh greens today but we made it up with dry rations and frozen food.

FRSK needs a minimum of 15 tonnes of food on our distribution day to serve the community and we gave out approximately 16 tonnes on this day. It is a low collection day, but we are always very very blessed that partners stepped in to help.

We thank our partners and donor merchants for having faith in us and we will do our best to serve the community.

For 4 years now, we have always been here for the community to turn to when they need food. FRSK provides basic food security for many as they know they can always visit FRSK Thanggam hub on Saturdays to collect rescued food. These food can last a family of 4 - a week or more and warm their stomach.

FRSK works tirelessly 365 days 24/7 just to bring food to the community.

Join us as a volunteer, be our partner merchant or contribute to our cause if you believe in FRSK's mission of “Feed the people, not the bins”. With you, we can go further in our journey.

Download our app on playstore today - FRSK Cares, and we can build a greener Singapore together.

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