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19th March 2023

There is no better way to beat the hot weather than a pint of ice cream.

FRSK is thankful for today's rescue of Killiney Singapore ice cream. It is simply yummy and refreshing and a cool treat for our volunteers.

We are thankful and grateful to Killiney for thinking of us and rewarding our volunteers for their hard work.

A very big thank you to Killiney singapore for being our partner in our food waste reduction journey. They believe in sustainability and so should you. Support Killiney and FRSK for a greener Singapore.

#frsk #feedthepeoplenotthebins #awesomefrsk #foodrescuesengkang #frskcares #zerowaste #loveallserveall #foodrescue #greenplan #sustainability #TowardsZeroWaste #kiilliney #foodrescuesg

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