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Red date pine nut baked mooncake and low-sugar white lotus baked mooncake (double yolk) from Fullerton Hotel. Please note that they had expired 13 Oct 2023 - so pls take only if comfortable!

Collect at 430A Fernvale Link.

Maggi - Expiry 30 Apr 2023

Creamer - Expiry Jun 2023

Ovaltine - Expiry 2024

Green Tea - Expiry 2025


2 cartons of Mandarin Oranges available for rescue at 415 Fernvale link Pavillion. Update after you have collected. FCFS

Expired 01/22. Collect at 792416

Blessing joyful noodles huai shan n wolfberry noodles. Best before 1 jan 2023. Self collect at 792410

Joanna Lee
Jessie Ng


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