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I have about 6 bottles of DOM

Download JPG • 2.55MB

patricia c
Pauline Chow
No show 1/4 Pasar
No Show 29/4 Pasar

To bless:

  1. Coke. Exp 11 Jan 23

  2. Lunchbox

  3. Stainless steel cup

  4. Card holder with lanyard

Preloved - used as allowance holder for kid when he was in primary school. Not for fussy. Self collect 821165

Are you hot?

New adult mask & filters.

Unopened popcorn.

Self collect 791415

$2 off Duke Bakery coupon, expiring 8 Jan. And a rewards card with 2 stamps.

Collect near Kadaloor LRT.

Item collected

Drawer/wardrobe organisers

Some new and some used

Vince Cheng

(Taken) Mixture of new and used cooler bags . Not for fussy. Self collect 821165.

Update - All taken

(Taken )Cashbox giveaway . Rarely used. Very New.

Self collection at 416b fernvale link

Janet Lee
Vince Cheng


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