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11th Feb 2023

In our modern society where Youtube, video games are a norm for our youngsters , we often forget that they need to burn their energies too.

Our young volunteer at 8 years old joined the disposal and allocation team today.

This young boy disposed the carton boxes, loaded the van, and lent his hands to whichever team that needed him. We did not assign him any specific role for today but he took his own initiative to fit himself in where he thought he could deliver his best value.

Volunteering and caring starts from young and we are glad that he understands humanity at such tender age.

His sweaty face and body speak a thousand words. We love him dearly, how can anyone not?

#volunteer #awesomefrsk #frsk #feedthepeoplenotthebins #foodrescuesengkang #TowardsZeroWaste #thankful #LoveAllServeAll #foodrescue #humanity

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