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Ah Heng,

You are referring to me.

The one who need to be taught is you . To teach you how to be caring and be a bigger person and treat this community as a big family.

Why not you tell us why you and your good friends suddenly

stop the chope thing and began to teach people and the organisers how not to do it . Also how to penalise those who did it.

It seems you are never happy with what you are enjoying here

even when you were within 10 in the queue you were still complaining like the hokkien saying hungry and full also disturb. Do you mean to say the organisers need to subdue to your whims and fancy just to satisfy your convenience.

And please stop your whining.

People got better things to do then dealing with your complaints.

Rescue your food and pay as you can, go back enjoy your rescue and be appreciative.

Kim Eng


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