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11th March 2023.

The recent bad weather in Malaysia had disrupted our vegetables supply in Singapore, but nevertheless FRSK is truly blessed that we rescued in excess of 25 pallets on this day to be distributed island-wide for our rescuers.

At our Thanggam Hub, it is busy as usual starting from 10 am in the morning with donors coming in with their trucks to unload the rescued food. Our volunteers and rescuers would come all armed with their muscles to prepare for the distribution.

We were blessed with a good mixed of greens, fruits and even frozen fish nuggets and frozen Japanese Berries.

A complete healthy meal is always possible at every FRSK pasar. We endeavour to provide food security to the community while reducing food wastage every week.

Even though our queue at our Thanggam Hub might be long but there are reasons for existing and new rescuers to keep coming back for more rescued food.

If you have not attended our pasar before, come join us to reduce food wastage.

See you soon! ❤❤❤

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